Auditions - not as scary as you might think!

Auditions – not as scary as you might think!

The auditions for our Spring productions are Thursday 19th at Quorn Village Hall and Tuesday 24th January at the community room in Quorn Old School (next door up from the Tearooms.) 

What will happen at the auditions?  Well, they will be relaxed affairs.  We will break into small groups to read through and act out extracts from the scripts together a few times before presenting it back.  If you’ve never been in one of our shows before, you will find the others welcoming, friendly and supportive. So come along and have a go!

There are parts for people of different ages.  Here are the characters – some can be played as male or female.

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime:

Lord Arthur Savile:25-35, a young aristocrat,
Figure:Any gender or age
Lady Windermere:An elegant, aristocratic socialite: from 35-60
The Duchess of Paisley:Savile’s mother
Sybil MertonSavile’s “intended”: around the same age as him,
The Dean of ChichesterMiddle-age cleric
Herr Winckelhoff:A German munitions expert
Count/Countess Rouvaloff:A Russian émigré
Jane:Savile’s cousin; late teens, early 20’s
Podgers:A psychic
Lady Clementina Beauchamp:Although Savile’s cousin, she is more elderly
Sir Mathew Reid:Academic and physician
Mr Pestle:Pharmacist
Giles, Lord Surbiton:Savile’s younger brother


There are two generations represented here, the older being around 50+ and the younger around 30-40. While ages are not crucial, the family relationships should be credible.


Carol, Jane, Len, Dave, Chris, Martin


Emily, Amy, Letting Agent