Taming of the Shrew


At last! 

After long months with no productions, we are looking forward to performing again. Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ will be performed on Quorn’s Stafford Orchard on 28, 29 and 30 August (2pm each day).     If you would like to take part on stage or back stage please email Sharon on nqsc@ymail.com or call 01509 567176 and leave a message. We will be meeting up in small groups and keeping socially distant for casting and initial rehearsals.  Performances will comply with any restrictions in place in August and the audience will be protected from rain (and shine) by an open-sided marquee.      New members are very welcome – over 16 yrs only unless the young person can be accompanied at all times by a family member.    The Taming of the Shrew tells the story of Katharine, whose father refuses to let her younger sister wed until the older has been taken off his hands. Petruchio, a brash suitor, more interested in ‘wiving wealthily’ than in a love match, agrees to marry Katharine and intends to ‘tame the shrew’. Even though, judging from his other works, Shakespeare has a high opinion of women’s intellect, modern actors and directors always find this particular play problematic. Petruchio’s method of ‘taming’ Katharine, not to mention his reasons for doing so, do not resonate well with modern audiences. And nor should they! However, there is still much to recommend this lively play and the NQSC intends to pull out all the stops to make sure that this post-lockdown production is thoroughly entertaining. The company aims to create a lively, colourful spectacle based around a medieval tournament with plenty of music, action and comedy. All those who are longing to get back on to the ‘stage’ will be welcome, so “with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come” and join old and new friends in the NQSC for Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.
    Quorn Parish Council has kindly given us a grant to hire a wonderful ‘stretch marquee’ which will be used to cover our audience. If the weather is not good the performers will also be covered! When not in use for our production, other events will be taking place under the marquee.

    If you would like to take part please let me know as soon as possible as we would like to start rehearsals in May – initially outside but moving in to the Village Hall when restrictions allow. 

You can also email on sharon.scott4@ntlworld.com