The NQSC Lockdown Radio Podcast is now live!

The NQSC Lockdown Radio Podcast is now live!

The first episode of the companies initial foray in to the world of podcasting is now live on this website! Just click podcast and listen directly from the site.

The podcast is currently being submitted to podcast platforms such as Apple and Google for those of us who like to listen on the go.

Please follow us on Twitter- @NqscR for direct links to upcoming episodes and further news.

If you would like to contribute, take a look at the following, but any (practical) ideas are welcome!
The content can include radio plays, stories, monologues, sketches and poetry. The pieces must be;
• entertaining and no more than 30 minutes (preferably 10 to 20 minutes)
• suitable for ‘radio’ broadcast (writing for radio is different to writing for theatre or TV, there are no visuals)
• original so that we do not have to worry about copyright
• the material does not have to reference Shakespeare or the classics, but reference to some form of theatre would be preferable. It can be funny, serious or factual, but it must amuse and entertain, or people will not tune in a second time. Before it is accepted for broadcast the material or recordings will be sent to various company members for their comments but the NQSC committee will have the final say on anything that is not generally approved.
• There could also be a limerick competition, open to members and the public, for which the listeners will be given a theme and invited to write a limerick, the best to be read by company members on one of the Podcasts. Ideas for other competitions welcome.
• You can record and submit pieces for the Podcast yourself. For individual pieces (single voice or voices of people who live with you) you need a PC with a good microphone.

• Recording remotely with several people taking part can be done via ZOOM or using other techniques.
• Editing – some pieces will need editing which is where you need specialised equipment. If you don’t have the necessary, then keep your piece very simple so that you can record it repeatedly until you get it right.
• There may be some members with the necessary editing equipment/knowledge – please volunteer if you are one of these wonderful people and would like to help– but it is time consuming and they will not have time for complicated editing so either get your techies on side before you start or keep it simple.
Anyone with internet connection will be able to access the NQSC podcasts. They will be posted on Podcast platforms and will be widely promoted. We hope that some of our regular local audience members will tune in, and we also hope to pull in new listeners from much further afield.
If we get a humungous following, then advertisers might pay to advertise on our site. This is unlikely. However, although the NQSC theatre is dark for a while we can still be creative, can still perform and can still offer something to our audiences. So, get creating!
The first NQSC Lockdown Podcast will be ‘The Soar River Murders’! Three NQSC members will tell the chilling (and very silly) story of Bournville Trumpington-Bunbasket the Third and the murderous goings on at the Soar Bottom Manor! This was first performed at one of our Halloween evenings a few years ago.
Watch this space (and all the other social media spaces) for the launch date!
Email for more information and the link to the Podcast.
Get creating!
Sharon, Nigel, Jonathan, Luke, Liz.